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What makes FRIENDSHIP Special and Priceless


Friendship Day is here. It’s the day to celebrate the relationship that we share with our friends. The Childhood Friends, School Friends, College Friends, Good Friends, Close Friends, Best Friends and New Friends that we make, fill our lives with warmth and delight. This post is dedicated to Friends, which are an important part of our lives and the Friendship, one of the most treasured relationships ever and what makes them special and priceless –

The bond and group hugs that we cherish forever

We create memories


Partying hard and not giving a damn to this world


Laughing Out Loud and going crazy

Fighting for nothing and apologizing even if it’s not your fault

Friendship is Sharing

You don’t care from which state or religion or gender or race they belong to, you love them like your chaddi-buddies


Treating your friends like Brothers, Sisters, Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, your random family member and all at once

Its more like an Expression

Being there during their hard times

Even if your crush rejects you or your boyfriend / girlfriend dumps you, your friends will always be there for you

Borrowing money and never returning it back

When you are damaged all you can think of is your Friends



Making fun of your friends is cool only if you do but kicking asses of other people if they make fun of or hurt your friends

The way you go all MUSHY and LOVEY-DOVEY with your friends

The Selfie Fun

Shopping and never dropping

Realizing that you just cannot have fun without them

The * Hi-Fives *

 Chilling and realizing that the time wasted is actually not wasted

Yelling at your friends if they go stupid and suddenly you all start laughing and come to the conclusion that you actually enjoyed it

Caring like the Biological Mother of your friends

You miss them when they are not around

Feeling like a Sister, Mother or Brother, Father simultaneously when they are getting married and blessing them with tears in your eyes


Being the happiest person in the world when your friends are happy and being the constant support to them

And you just cannot see them crying and your hugs that almost heal their wounds


And you just don’t care about their flaws; you just love them with all your heart for who they really are (Awwwww)

And.. No matter how much you fight, you always forgive them and love them insanely, because you just can’t be without them for long (Super Awwwww)

And And And.. Those Farewell Blues and making a promise for being Friends Forever (That is the sweetest thing ever)


So, this Friendship Day, celebrate Dosti - Yaariyan and make it special in the typical Dostana Andaaz, because Friendship is Forever. Just like our Desi Flicks, Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dostana, Aisha and Queen.



  1. Yaeeeee happpyyyyy frrriiieeennnddsshhiipppp ddaayyyy... I am blessed to hve good and helpful frnds, I love my frnds n love u Shreya.. This blog is also amazing like others.. Friends play a special role in our life.. Without my frnds I cnt imagine my life... Love all, n happy wala frndship day.. Enjoy ������������������������������������

    1. Same here Girl :) Thank you and Happy Friendship Day to you too and stay blessed. :) Enjoy and Tc. :)

  2. And ur blog contain alot good pictures n animations ��

  3. What multiplies when it is shared? Joy!!! My joy doubled when I saw your wishes on my wall. Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes.
    What an artistic way to say happy friendship day. :D Your blog is simply superb. Everything, everything is just wonderful! Bless you! :)
    Just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate the help you have given me. I am so grateful and thankful for all you have done for me and given me since the past year. The blessings of the Lord be upon you all d tym. I'm very fortunate to have senior like u.
    You are there when I need you most. Thank you so very much. :') #HappyFriendshipDay

    1. Yes. :) Thank you so much Ankit and Happy Friendship Day to you too. :) Enjoy and TC. :)

  4. Your work is always outstanding my sweety :-)
    And you are the only one who can make any relation perfect. We had our good time as well as bad time but still we are together as best friends. I am grateful and feeling blissful to have u my cutie, silly, stupid, wonderful friend.
    Thank you for being there for me as a beautiful part of my life.
    Love You! :-)

    1. Yayie :D Exactly, good times or bad times, we always sticked together. :)

      I am so lucky to have a true friend like you in my life. :)

      ThankYouSoMuch for everything and for sharing wonderful moments that I will cherish forever. :) And that video that you sent me on my birthday, that says a lot about our friendship and love for each other. :)

      ILoveYouToo ^_^

  5. AAWWEEESOMEEE :D This sooo reminds me of our good old bakchod days :D FRIENDSHIP is zor zor se duniya bhar ki galiyan bakna :D <3 love you :*

    1. Hehehehe :D Humari Bakchodi rocks |m| And those days were perfect <3 Thank you so much my chhota packet :* LoveYouToo :)


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