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Woman, a female human, symbolizing femininity, managing different and equally challenging roles of a Homemaker, a Mentor to her children, an Employee, a constant Support to her man, a responsible Child to her parents, a Pillar of strength to her siblings, a Best Friend, an unconditional Lover, the Origin of creativity and cultural perception, the Central part of every family, every region, every nation, making her a strong identity in this male chauvinistic world, is a souvenir of sense of pride, dignity and self-reliance that she holds despite every form of subjection engendered upon her.

Woman, being a stylized representation of Venus Goddess, in India too, associated with the Hindu deities Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kaali, Sherawali and many more, shows the oblivious minds exactly how much salient, omnipotent and benevolent she is and can be.

Woman, known as a complex entity or a complex life form can also become the absolute warrior in need of vengeance. She is not only made to entertain everyone, sometimes she needs to be entertained too. She is as fiery and focused professionally as much as she is on the home front. She can be sweet as sugar and even the worst nightmare, depends upon how others treat her. After all, nothing is impossible for her. 

There are many facets of her and some are prevalent and the most spellbinding; the FIFTY SHADES of woman –


A quintessential woman strives to be classy, elegant and has high standards; A sophisticated soul. Never try to tease her with any wacky stuff or else she might kick your butt!


She uses her imagination and original ideas effectively. A creative woman is expressive and productive. You might find her weird, but she is always herself.


A prudent woman cares about her future as she is wise and cautious. No, she is not a coward, she is just far-sighted and so she likes to circumspect.


A spontaneous woman is unforced and that is why she can pull off any impromptu conversation or situation effortlessly. Oh yeah, just like the US Prez Barack Obama!


She shows sincere and intense conviction and gives attention to small details as well. An earnest woman is a sober and deep person. So, never even try to do epic shit with this woman.


A materialistic woman is yours if you are rich. She will be your best friend, girlfriend and maybe wife just because you are wealthy. She is greedy and money-grubbing. She is insatiable and totally money-oriented. The materialistic woman can go to any levels to fulfill her needs and desires. So, if you want her, then show her the money! Oh yeah, diamonds will work too! 


She loves nature and keeps the environment clean. An eco-friendly woman has a strong admiration and a soft corner in her heart for wildlife and would hate to see the environment unclean.


It is easy for her to grab the male attention, thanks to her enchanting beauty! Guys want her and the other girls want to be like her! Not just guys dream about her, she also likes to dream about a lot of things. She is a dreamer and she has her fantasies. The Dreamy Girl!


She can mock people. A sarcastic woman can be satirical, sharp, ironical, and even caustic. Beware of her sarcasm! A woman’s sarcasm can be heart-wrenching!


A woman who has charm is the ultimate delight; she is sweet, she pleases the eyes and is truly fascinating. Yes, you just cannot stay away from that magnetic charm! 


A spiritual woman is a non-materialistic woman. She is religious and devotional, sometimes philosophical in nature. She believes in all the sacred things and is usually opposed to material and physical things.



The witty one is quick and inventive in terms of humor when she is in a good mood. Funny and chuckle some enough to make you laugh your ass out!


She will always aim for perfection. The idealist in her is a visionary and dreams about flawless things. Call her unrealistic, but there is a perfectionist in every woman. She wants a perfect body, a perfect job, she wants to cook the perfect food, and she needs a perfect man! Haah!


She is bubbly, effervescent and vibrant. A vivacious woman loves to laugh and makes everyone around her have a big laugh too! 


The narcissist in her is not always a pleasant experience for everybody. She admires herself, loves herself and talks about herself the most. Vanity Fair, huh?


She leads a simple life and is cozy and comfortable at home. She is a home-maker and loves to decorate and relax at her place.


She is not afraid of facing new experiences, risks and trying new methods and ideas. You see, she loves adventures! Darr ke aage jeet hai!! Go Girl!!


She seems weird to some. An eccentric chick does not mind being quirky. She enjoys being an idiosyncratic freak!



She loves to talk. A garrulous woman can talk for hours, sometimes for days! Gossips, chats, debates and just anything and everything related to that, she’s all in! No wonder, she’s always on the phone!


Not every woman can be loud and roaring. But if a woman is lively and active, then it’s a tough challenge to make her less noisy. Not everybody loves a Tomboy, some find her irksome. But not every woman chooses to be absolutely feminine. Yes, a high spirited Tomboy! And the best part is that it does not affect the chirpy, wild and exuberant females from getting ROWDY! 



She could go offbeat, playful and mischievous. A whimsical woman will do waggish stuff when she feels like having some crazy fun!


She is strong enough to withstand any adversity. A tough woman is resilient and her nine inch nails and heels can give a tough competition to any guy’s six pack abs!


She is determined and always aspiring to achieve her goals. An ambitious female is always eager and strong-headed to attain what she wants and works hard for that. The moment she sees a battle in something, she starts preparing to win that! Not only guys can be ambitious!



A compassionate woman is empathetic and is always concerned about others. The selfless love that she pours for the needy people makes this world a happy and peaceful place to live. 


Who said that a geeky woman is boring and unfashionable? That is so in! Even if she wears glasses, old-fashioned clothes and leads a mundane life, her technical skills and knowledge are enough to sway you!


Oh yes, if the stubborn chick has made up her mind for doing something, then probably there is no stopping her! When she is suspicious about something or wants to find out something and when she takes a stand, she is firm and resolute. You just cannot change her mind no matter what.


She is a faithful person and gives constant support; a loyal woman, ladies and gentlemen. She is trustworthy and devoted. Does not matter if the whole world is against you, you will always find her by your side!


She is an intense person. A passionate woman has strong feelings for what she believes in. She is zealous; she is a believer and is driven by passion.


Glamor is stimulating, all ritzy glitzy and exotic. A glamorous woman can be as lovely and chic as a cover girl!


She can be political too. She has a diplomatic tact and sensitivity in dealing with others. She can be bright and quick-witted. She is brainy and sharp. No wonder, she can deal with everyone with such ease. 


She loves Sports and has an athletic body. Sports channels are her favorite and fitness is her first priority. She is strong, muscular and a fighter!


She is positive in attitude. Her dynamism, her positivity is impressive and she is full of energy and ideas. She is always active and vigorous.


The free spirited and nomadic woman, the wanderer in her makes her travel and explore new places and adventures. Oh gypsy womaniya!


A kind woman is warm and caring. Her tenderness and mildness makes her a benevolent person.


She can be uncompromisingly straightforward. When a blunt woman gets candid, she can speak out of proportion too and will be totally cool with that. She is always herself, real and certainly not pretentious.


She likes to control the whole situation and influence people. A dominating woman likes to command and rule. So, don’t you mess with her!


A bold woman is confident about herself and courageous. She is fearless and always willing to face challenges.


She has romantic beliefs and a loving attitude. Love is always on her mind. She dreams about love, she talks about love and watch romantic movies back to back!


A woman with great sense of style is always a pleasure to watch! She is high on fashion and loves attention. Style check, people!


An unconfident woman has high insecurities. She is always anxious and uncertain about herself. She lacks self-assurance and that is what makes her insecure about other things as well!


She is not a typical woman, definitely not like the stereotypes. An unconventional woman is unorthodox and certainly not regular. She has a different mindset and set of beliefs. She is a rare woman!


A woman is exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, emotionally or physically when she is unsafe or unprotected. Her vulnerability is considered to be her biggest weakness.


A woman is unpredictable and temperamental. She has mood swings, blame the hormones. She is impulsive and can get emotional and then may have sudden bouts of gloominess and depression. Again, blame the female hormones.


A persistent woman is a tireless worker. She can work for hours and in unpredictable hours as well. She is diligent and never gives up. She continues to do her work in spite of difficulties as she is absolutely determined.


She is like a mystery. It is difficult, sometimes impossible to understand this woman. She is quite strange and puzzling. You just cannot know everything about her and yes she is enigmatic as hell!


A modest woman is very humble and grounded. She always underestimates her abilities and is down to earth. She will always keep most of the things low-key and is unpretentious.


Arrogance is what defines her. She is biased and dogmatic. She is highly prejudiced and assertive.


A practical and realistic woman, she leads a balanced life. She is rational and mature. She is logical and definitely not a dreamer.  


She likes to do extremely audacious stuff. She is very bold and people find her disgraceful and abominable. But she never cares about that at all.


An independent woman does not like to be controlled and possessed. She believes in doing everything on her own. She is self-sufficient and self-reliant. She also believes in the theory of LIVE AND LET LIVE! 




Without woman, a man will be incomplete, a child will be helpless, a family will lose its existence, there will be no siblings, there will be no love, there will be no culture, no society, and no nation and therefore, there will be no life.

A man is important, so is a woman. A man has his needs, so does a woman. A man has dreams, so does a woman. A man has a heart, so does a woman. A man wants to live his life, so does a woman.  A man wants to be successful, so does a woman. A man has self-esteem, so does a woman. A man needs love, so does a woman. A man wants equality, so does a woman.

Woman is not against man. Woman does not need feminism. Woman does not want to be superior. Woman requires love. Woman wants attention. Woman needs equality. So, why can’t this world celebrate equality instead of superiority?!

(All the pictures/paintings used in this blog are not owned or created by me. CREDITS TO THE OWNERS.)


  1. The heart of a woman is what makes the world spin ;)
    Gender is just about the way we look :/ All the people have the same rights and all the people can learn the same skills or do the same things and so on. There is no superior or inferior person. We are all the same, so to consider that women are not as good as men is very wrong.
    There’s no difference at all.

    And yes A loyal female is the best, cause when you dead broke, she makes you rich :')

    Great work, specially in selection of wonderful pics. Keep it up ^_^ and awesome advance changes ahhhhh :D 'appreciated' :)

    1. Yes, right. :) Thank you so much. :) Appreciate it. :)

  2. I admire your writing. Your blogs are very fascinating and you have immensly improved as a writer. The potrayal of a women cannot be better explained and the selection of pictures is exquisite.

    Well done Shreya Bhagat.
    Looking forward for your next blog.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. :) Will be back soon on Blogger this year. :)


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