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Why Movies are better than Reality?

Film – making or Movie – making involves a number of discrete stages like an initial story, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, screening, development, pre-production, and production and then post-production. Every week, new flicks are released worldwide and every other weekend they are reviewed by the film critics and the box office collection is reported and analyzed by the Trade Analysts. Now, the movies are made by keeping the global audience in mind, most of the time.

Film-making includes so much of toil, team work, creativity, budget and thereafter, the promotions. Still what makes the Movies better than Reality? Why movies are better, for both the makers and the viewers? Here are some of the reasons –

Best Superheroes – A Superhero is every guy’s Idol or Inspiration and every girl’s Fantasy or Dream man. And the Superhero flicks offer us the Best Superheroes with Best Supernatural powers ever. Man of Steel, the Dark Knight, the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk), Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Green Lantern and many more are not just the highest-grossing Superhero movies but also most beloved characters amongst kids and youngsters. And of course, I am definitely not talking about the epic Superhero Daredevil! Bleurgh! 

The Power Packed Action – The incredible action sequences, daredevil stunts, swashbuckling adventure, martial arts and that daring attitude are the things what the Action-lovers crave to watch and experience. The adrenaline rush and high-on intensity action is what we find in the Movies like Commando, Taken, Speed, First Blood, Rambo, Rocky, Enter the Dragon, Mission Impossible Series, the Transporter, Top Gun, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Ocean’s Trilogy, Bourne Series, Die Hard, Indiana Jones Series, 300, the Expendables and Point Break. And guess what? The guys enjoy it to the core and some of the tomboys too! *Boom Boom* *Bam Bam* *Bang Bang* - *BRUCE LEE MODE ON* – HUHUHAHA!

Best Villains – What gives you the claustrophobic nightmares?  The dark sadism, meanness, brutality, corruption, evilness and immeasurable cruelty are characteristics of whom? Who is looking for vengeance, assassination, deception and loathsome crimes? Yeah, a Villain! A villain has no rules and no limits. And it’s not just the Superheroes that excite the audience; the Villains are also as exciting as Superheroes, for them. The Joker, Magneto, Lex Luthor, Loki, Goeth, Hannibal Lecter, Jigsaw and many more. Why so serious? *Evil Laugh*

Platform to live Dreams – What the makers cannot do in reality, can showcase on screen. Thus, movies serve as a great platform to the makers and the actors to express and live their dreams.


Ultimate Heart-throbs – Girls, for you!! Shirtless guys or the guys in Tux!! They have something for each one of you!! The Heartthrobs –

Touching Drama – The realistic and emotional contentment that you get by watching Drama movies is unimaginable and impeccable. No surprise, most of the Drama movies win the Oscars!

Laughter Therapy – Depressed? Unhappy? Bored? All you need to do is to treat yourself with something as funny as a Jim Carrey movie or maybe an Adam Sandler movie or any good comedy movie! Of course, comedy movies give the best therapy, the Laughter Therapy! And yes, don’t forget to sing, Because I am HAPPY :D

Amazing Special Effects – Something only a movie can offer! The enthralling VFX and SFX make a movie an extraordinaire experience. A treat to your eyes and to the tech-savvy people out there!

Perfect Love Stories and Romance – For the hopeless romantic, there are some perfect and beautiful love stories and heartwarming romance. Love is in the air!

Beautiful divas and Kickass women – For the guys, there are the sizzling beauties and sirens! They are beautiful, captivating, curvy, dreamy and kickass! Just the way you like it!!

Science Fiction World – The movies that take you into another world. Fascinating, isn’t it? 



The Ideal Breakups – The best, the funniest and the ideal break ups that you will ever find! Heart breaking? NAH! Really?

Inspiring and motivating experience – And then there are the movies that inspire you and motivate you in a delightful way!

Family Time – Still planning your weekend? Then you can plan to spend some quality time with your family. Go for a family movie, with your family this weekend and have an amazing family time!

Constantly learn something – There is always something new and unknown that we come to know through movies, something we never heard of before or something that we never knew!

Thrills, Darkness and Guilty Pleasure – For the Dark and horror movie lovers! For the thrills, chills and frightening experience!

Free World Tour- You get to watch the places you have never been to or always wanted to.


Stress Buster – Stressed? Go for a movie!

Creative Satisfaction – For the creative souls, movies give a creative satisfaction.

Those Goosebumps that Life does not offer much – I swear to some epic scenes for these –



The Epic Background Score


The Love Making Scenes

And And And...
The Happy Endings...



Anyways, Movies are 2-3 hours long, made in 3-4 months, sometimes years.. But Life is longer than that.. So enjoy movies.. And enjoy Life even more.. Take care!


  1. I enjoyed reading this list!
    For tron! Damn, I'm such a fanboy!
    Btw why no Quorra in divas? ;(
    Anyways, good list! Keep it up!

    1. Oops, I am so sorry, I forgot Quorra :'O

      Yay, thanks Tron Fanboy :'D

  2. Best thing Bruce LEE introduced :D
    Appreciated work on matrix type pics & GIF selection ;)
    Nice blog it is :) & its presentation too ^_^

  3. Nothing can be as rejuvenating as movies <3 Awesome one :D Keep up the good work :)

  4. Starting hi "Robert John Downey" se <3 <3 fir to blog best hona hi tha <3
    U always write from the bottom of heart and pour all your emotions... thats why all your blogs are undoubtly amazing .

    1. Hehehehe.. :D THANK YOU SO MUCH, Neeli :D Much Love :*


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