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THIRTY Reasons why JARED LETO is Simply Awesome !

If you love THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS or you are an Echelon or you admire / appreciate / follow the front man of the band - Jared Leto’s work, then you will enjoy reading this! TRUST ME! I am an ECHELON myself, I love THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS (Jared Leto , Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic) and I just love Jared’s work + the kind of person he is. And yes, isn’t he the cutest thing in the world? (Girls, agree? ;) Also, the guys reading this, am I right? :D)

Jared LetoAutodidact and Polyhistor. Genius. Creative Soul. Thinker. Multi-tasker. An amazing human-being and a lot more.

Well you know, he is SIPMLY AWESOME! And here are the THIRTY REASONS to it (I mean I can write a whole book or a series of books on him, but I have tried to compile everything in THIRTY points, in the best possible way [ I HOPE LOL ] !) -> 

1. THE EYES! (Oh – My – F-ing – GOD)

Well yes, I am talking about Jared Leto’s EYES! This guy is so GOOD-LOOKING. (Of course he is) And those beautiful and fascinating – HYPNOTIC BLUE EYES! God Dammit, once you look into them, you just cannot forget them. They are just so alluring. You guys don’t believe me, then just look into his eyes and try to stop looking into them. (YOU JUST CAN’T. YOU SIMPLY CAN’T! Haah! Told ya!) 

     2. The guy has got an innate sense of humor

Not just the perfect looks, he is f-ing Hilarious, makes the most amazing faces, speaks about such things that you would have never expected and would still make you laugh your lungs out. He can talk about his Brazilian Bubble Butt or joke about his unmarried status or about any other random stuff and it’s still so funny! Even if he turns into a Badass and acts weird, you are still going to adore him! (He is that cute!) He is smart, witty and he can always manage to avoid questions that he does not wish to answer, still he gives the perfect answers! 10 on 10 for his sense of humor!


3. He definitely has got better hair than you

Pretty sure, he has got the most amazing hair. His Man-Bun was already a BIG HIT during Awards season. I bet you, his hair are better than yours and mine of course, let it be Emo Style, Manga Style, Pomegranate Mohawk, the so-called Marshawk, Sleepy Mohawk, Ombre Hair, Blue mint hair, Man Bun, Long Hair, Short hair, any and every kind of hairstyle suits him! Again, he wins over there! 10 on 10 to his hair quality.

 4. The guy is kind-hearted, empathetic and a Philanthropist too

Not just the looks, mind and funny side, the guy has a kind heart too. He has been active in several charitable pursuits. He has been volunteering at the charity Art of Elysium, which helps children with serious medical conditions. He supports animal rights, LGBT rights and various other causes. He is empathetic. Remember, before presenting the EMA 2013 to Ellie Goulding how he urged everyone for a 2 minute silence for the Philippines’ typhoon victims? After 2010, an exclusive book of photographs was taken by him during his trip to HAITI around the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit the country. 100% of net profits went to charities to assist those who were affected by the quake. Not just this, the guy also spoke out and expressed his concerns for the calamities and political unrests on Twitter and even in his Oscar speech! He did not let the political unrest in Ukraine deter his band from traveling there. Not just all this, he does various other charities and supports fundraiser campaigns without showing off or talking about it. (W-O-W! Isn’t he AMAZING? Massive Respect!)

     5. Singer / Musician / Multi instrumentalist – Thirty Seconds to Mars

This guy is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for the alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars which is one of the most influential bands ever! The band has a huge fan following known as the Echelon. The band has been nominated a lot of times and has won various awards including OMAs, VMAs and EMAs. They recently won the MTV EMA 2013 for Best Alternative and MTV VMA 2013 for Best Rock Video –  ‘Up in the Air’. Also, their single “ Up in the Air “ was received by the crew of the International Space Station via the Dragon resupply spacecraft, as part of the SpaceX CRS-2 mission, which is the fourth flight for NASA's Commercial Resupply Services and the Dragon spacecraft. The single made its world premiere on NASA TV on March 18, 2013, after a Q&A session with the band and Expedition 35 flight engineer Tom Marshburn. The band was formed in 1998 and has made four studio albums, three extended plays, eleven singles, five promotional singles and thirteen music videos till now.

6. Actor – An Oscar winner too

This guy acts too. He is a bloody good actor. He has done art movies and is known as a method actor too. Also, the transformative roles that he did has made him win a lot of accolades, including a Golden Globe, SAG Award, Critics Choice Award and an Oscar/Academy Award too for Dallas Buyers ClubBest Supporting Actor 2013. He was nominated this year for many awards and won more than 35 of them. He was also included on the TIME100 and got the No. 9 spot!

7. His love for his family – Constance and Shannon Leto

His love for his Mom, Constance Leto and Brother, Shannon Leto is widespread as he accompanied them to the award ceremonies, bestowed all the credit to them in his recent award speeches and was appreciated worldwide for his heart-warming and touching Oscar Acceptance Speech this year that he dedicated to them mostly. He thanked his Mom for teaching him to dream and his Brother for being his Best friend and Drummer for Thirty Seconds to Mars. (Awww, how sweet :) ) Also, when he was offered the Slice of Pizza at the Oscars, he gave that too to his Mom. (Very sweet!)
He says,” My mother is very, very smart and commands respect because she has a lot of respect for herself.Even in his video “ City of Angels “ it was quite clear and the lyrics were..

“ Bought my fate..
   Straight from hell..
   Second sight, has paid off well..
   For a Mother, a Brother and Me.. “ ( Beautiful, isn’t it? :) )

8. His love for Tomo, his assistants and Mars Crew

His love for the band members, his assistants and MARS crew is also well known. Tomo Milicevic, the lead guitarist of the band is very close to Leto brothers. Jared helps his assistants and Mars Crew too in a lot of things including running errands. Also, Robin Baum, his publicist continued to work for him even after not being paid anything for six years when Jared took a sabbatical from acting, he said this while receiving an award for Dallas Buyers Club this year. His personal assistant, Emma Ludbrook also works hard for him and with the crew. The MARS Crew also works really hard for him and the band and Jared also helps them. (That’s what we call a real Rockstar!)

9. His love for the Echelon

Well this is quite obvious and also a privilege for the MARS family, AKA Echelon. Whenever somebody calls the Echelon as FANS, the band will reply or acknowledge them with, “ They are not fans. They are FAMILY. “ And it’s not a show off, they mean it, they always mean it. On their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, blogs, websites etc and various interviews, during live shows/acts and any other time, you will see their love for them. And its genuine and they always say, “ WE are a FAMILY because we understand each other. The Echelon helps each other when we can’t. “ They always call a bunch of Echelon on stage at the end or any random time in each of their shows which is really a sweet gesture. (What else does a fan really wants other than this? [OOPS, read Fans as FAMILY :D] I guess Nothing. :) )

10. His Smile – SO CUTE!

Have a look, it’s really CUTE :) –

11. So Down to Earth – Keeps his awards in the Kitchen!

He has always been grounded no matter what. Even after his Oscar win, he didn’t let fame get to his head. Basically, he is a humble person and leads a simple life. He is so grounded that he still stands in a queue in supermarkets, helps his assistants and co-workers run errands and in other activities. His staff is always there for him too. He also offers slice of pizza to people around him if they like the smell of it and stuff like that, he likes to give it to people which is a commendable thing. Also, he keeps all his awards in Kitchen as he says that he does not give a lot of importance to the awards than his work and the love and support that he gets from everyone. He does not do any endorsements and stuff except the HUGO BOSS one. (Thank God, he did that, at least! :D) He does not seem to have any EGO problems or arrogance at all. He has a lot of self – respect though and we appreciate it too, because he deserves a lot of respect for being the way he really is. (Not too many people are so down to earth like him, after being so great. Respect!)

12. Director  – AKA Bartholomew Cubbins, Angakok Panipaq

He has pseudonyms too, i.e. Bartholomew Cubbins and earlier, Angakok Panipaq. He likes to work anonymously too, especially when he is directing the music videos. He also used these pseudonyms in the credits of the music videos. The band also made a documentary, Artifact which was about their battle against a record label that sued them for around thirty million dollars! They won the battle and also made a very inspiring documentary which gave an insight and the truth about the music industry. Jared is a phenomenal Director as well!

13. Photographer

He is a photographer too! Yes, he is. And a good one! He keeps posting the photographs on social networking sites and also has published Notes from the Outernet, Volume 1 and 2, book of the intimate photographs taken by him. Also, the HAITI photo book that he took and 100% net profits went to charities. (He is amazing at everything he does :))

14. Artist – CREEPS by Cubbins

Jared is a painter too. He paints, sketches and has a keen interest in Art. He also made CREEPS by Cubbins. It includes Apparels, Prints, Accessories and the Limited Edition Rocket Boy. He likes to sketch and enjoys painting too.

15. Dreamer, Passionate, Focused, Hard working and Dedicated guy

Basically, Jared is a Dreamer and has worked really hard for everything that he has achieved. He has come a long way, because he always believed in his Dreams, because he is so hard working and has struggled a lot to live his Dreams. He says, “I like to make reality from dreams.He believes that when we are living our dreams it doesn't feel like work. Also, he says, “ I win because I fail. “ He is a very focused, driven, passionate and a dedicated person. He has earned everything on his own and has been an independent person from the beginning of his career. Jared said,” I showed up in L.A. with $500 and a backpack and I stayed at a shelter, so nobody handed me anything. I worked for every single thing that I have.He also gets a bit self-conscious while watching his own movies, so he does not watch his own movies. He likes to give his 100% in everything he does and being the intense person that he is, that also makes him a Perfectionist, which is a mark of a true Artist.

16. He has got a really HOT body (Girls, you know what I mean ;))

Well I would let the pictures speak! H.O.T.N.E.S.S. is this -

17. He is a Vegan and does Yoga too

As he supports the Animal Rights, he follows Veganism and does not consume animal products and dairy products. He practices Yoga as well. (Great!)

18. Environmentalist

The song A Beautiful Lie is perfect to define this role of him. The band 30 Seconds to Mars also created the website named A Beautiful Lie on Environmental Issues. He is Eco-Friendly and follows Veganism. He also uses Eco-friendly cars and likes to commute by bicycles/bikes. He also uses his Twitter account to share the Environmental issues and promote Eco-Friendly Lifestyle. He shows his love for the planet, animals, living things in his interviews as well.

19. His Tattoos – So meaningful

Especially, Provehito in Altum(Launch forth into the deep), The Triads and every other too –

20. He is always up for photographs / selfies / fun

Jared is always up for Photographs, Autographs, Selfies and Fun too! He even passed his coveted Oscar to the media persons in the press room to fondle and also said that it was unfair to not allow the media to take photographs there. He is always friendly and cool with the paparazzi and with the people asking for photographs/selfies. He was the ultimate Photo bomber at the Oscars too and everyone loved that! And yes, that Oscar Selfie posted by Ellen DeGeneres was also a HUGE HIT on Twitter, got the maximum retweets ever, he was up for that too! (Such a COOL guy!)

21. He is honest, always himself and has got his own style

He speaks his mind. He always gives the honest interviews and he is always himself. He is quite a genuine personality. He has got his own style. His style is simple, effortless and impeccable! From a simple shirt to the perfect tuxedo, his style is really cool!! He also received the GQ Style Award in 2011. And yes, his PHOTOSHOOTS are just too amazing! (I personally love his Photo shoots! ;))

22. His transformative roles are seriously EPIC and Praiseworthy

From Harry Goldfarb of Requiem for a Dream to John Lennon’s Assassin, Mark David Chapman of Chapter 27 and then the Transgender-Drug Addict-AIDS patient Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, he did full justice to the characters and these transformative roles were intense too. He lost weight for movies and gained weight for a movie too. The challenging characters he portrayed were so perfectly done by him that they seem like real characters and not some caricature.

23. This guy does not age , LITERALLY

He literally looks younger than any guy of his age. He is getting more handsome with age. His age defying looks are definitely commendable and seems like there is no effect of age on his looks as he looks younger, refreshing and handsome as ever! He is 42, but looks as young as a 24 year old boy! (Is he a Vampire? :D)

24. Traveler and Explorer

As a musician he gets to Travel a lot. He loves to explore new places, cultures, food and stuff. He likes to discover new things and must say, he is truly a Dreamer. :)

25. He is strong, embraces challenges and is awe inspiring – An inspiration to many

He embraces challenges in life and being the strong and independent guy that he is, makes him an inspiration to a lot of people. The band’s music and lyrics are so inspiring and influencing; Jared’s quotes, creative journey, movies and artwork are also very inspiring and motivating. Also, the documentary Artifact shows how much of a fighter and a strong person he really is. He fights for what is fair and that’s what makes him an inspiration for a lot of people including the Echelon. He tells people to Dream big and fight for what they believe in. (Love him for this!)

26. A perfect example of a true gentleman and a true charmer

He is a charmer and yes, an example of a true gentleman. He is so charming that the interviewers also start flirting with him on air! He said,” I learned early on how to treat women by the examples that were set around me.” On Twitter too, you will find him supporting the women’s rights. He is always gentle to kids, women, men, his family and friends, his contemporaries, other artists, people who work for him and around him, everyone and everything. (He surely is Jesus Leto! Because, Jesus loves us all!)

27. He is a social butterfly and expresses himself well and yes, everyone wants to talk to him

Of course, he is very expressive and a social person. He calls himself a Loner and also likes to spend some time alone, but that does not stop him from expressing himself, speaking his mind and being social. And guess what? People just love interacting with him. (Oh, that CHARMER in him is just too hard to resist!)

28. Businessman – Now  a Venture Capitalist too

He launched the social media management and digital marketing company The Hive. It focuses on creative community building. In recent years, it has expanded to other artists such as Jessie J and Semi Precious Weapons. In 2010, he launched The One and Only Golden Tickets, a full service company which operates worldwide and manages exclusive services for concerts, festivals, and events. In 2013, the company was renamed Adventures In Wonderland. In 2011, he launched the online platform VyRT. Created as a live video streaming service, it also features social networking and official merchandise. In June 2012, VyRT was awarded Best Online Concert Experience at the O Music Awards. In 2012, he became an investor in Surf Air, a California-based air service. He is among the early investors in human resources automation company Zenefits, one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley.

29. He is straightedge 

He neither smokes nor drinks. He is not into drugs. He also urged people to stop smoking and leave bad habits.

30. He does not give a shit to his Haters – But he does have a message for his Haters

For the envious and jealous people who hate him and talk shit about him, can read the above points and reconsider their views towards him. And if that’s not enough, then Jared has a special message for his haters and that is – FUCK YOU. BLOW ME. -.-

Well yeah, that’s all folks for now! But for the record, he is SIMPLY AWESOME!

And here are some of the most amazing Jared Leto quotes -

" Let's promise each other that we will be brave, that we will fight for what we believe in, and we will live our dreams . "

" Try and fail. But never fail to try. "

" Never live your life for anyone, but for yourself. "

" Dreams are the result of a million choices, a billion failures, and a few successes . "

" The only way to fight with negativity is positivity. "

" You say you believe in your dreams, I say I believe in you. "

" Never let anyone stop you from turning your dreams into reality. "

" As a kid who was pretty different himself, I think that what I would tell people that are individuals out there is, you’re the ones who inherit the earth. Believe in yourself and be patient. Be as different as you want to be. You have every right to do that, and it may be difficult and lonely at times, but there is no greater privilege than owning yourself. "


Keep Calm and Love Jared Leto. :)


  1. Hey, you put in that Venture Cap thing too. Nice.

  2. OMG Shreya... I know u like Jared Leto, but after seeing this i must say that u are the biggest fan of Jared Leto.. I mean 3O reasons, wow�� fantastic �� and Jared Leto is awsme ������

    1. Hahahahaha!! Yes, I love his work and the kind of person he is. Thank you so much. :)

  3. awesome man! that is some research you have done!

  4. Mera half 3G data khatam karwaa diya tune! Itne images and gifs :D
    Btw, nice post! I'll show him this blog post when I meet him in LA!
    And seriously, the 2013 leto actually looks younger than the 2004 leto!!!

    1. Bwahahahahaha!! Chal bey, itna bhi nahi hai :P Post gayi bhaad mein, jo DEAL hui thi wo yaad haina? LA jaake bhul mat jana :P Mera role kisi aur ko gaya na to ' KATTI ' :P :D Anyways, point pe aate hain :D Haanji wo to hai hi young and handsome, kya karein :') THANK YOU :)

    2. Ye post mai use khud hi dikha dungi.. ;) Twitter kiss kaam aaega? :P BTW, I am a CALIFORNIA GIRL, you see ;)

    3. And yes, I apologize for your half of the 3G data loss :P And LA waali DEAL na toote that's why apologizing :P LOLOLOLOL xD

  5. Dear JJL when you are known for your Smile And Craziness.....plz Don't ever lose that ���� It's a rare combo ������ Your smile determines how you see and think about the world around you.......n #Ms.Echelon Life is full of challenges, but being happy shouldn't be one of them..!! :P

    Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain.
    Pain makes people beautiful..!! But definitely not vampire okay xD n he is vegetarian too �� (after reading this m also intrested in knowing abt his history/background :| ) And yes how can I forget the oscar's day??? Lol...first meeting :D...."oye mil gya ukso oscar " hehehehehe :P ������

    Anyway nice article with great combination of JPEG n PNG pics :)

    1. Bwahahahaha!! Of course, He is not a Vampire :O Vampire as in he does not age, looks younger and more handsome, hence a Vampire! :P And I meant that in a good way :O Anyways, He is awesome and I f-ing love him :* Oh yeah!!! The day he won the Oscar, first time we met!! LOL you have got an elephant-sized memory section in your brain :P I think I was going to add 10 times more pics of him, these pics are just 10% of what I wanted to put :P THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

  6. Replies
    1. Come on man , this was about Jared Leto . :') I sooo love him . ^_^ :* :)


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