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MUSIC – My Remedy – My Incentive – My Fervor

Music plays an important role in socialization, interactions and in the life of children, adolescents and youth as well, the so-called ‘Music freaks’ or Music Lovers. Music is everywhere, thanks to the online music, popular music, instrumental music, radio, recordings and of course the Internet etc. Parents are often unaware of the lyrics, the bands and musicians, but same is not in the case of their children. Research on music has explored and shown that the Music, especially the ‘Lyrics’ play an important role/part in one’s personality development, beliefs, dreams, ideology, mindset and even behavior. Just like this –  

" Did you ever believe?
  Were you ever a dreamer?
  Ever imagine heart open and free?
  Did you ever deny?
  Were you ever a traitor?
  Ever in love with your blood, lust and need? "

It’s said that all you need to MAKE your life is a path, a goal, a destination, a purpose, good education and power etc. I am not trying to justify that it’s wrong nor do I completely agree with it. That’s not everything that makes your life, that’s not everything that makes a LIVING. You also need a vision, a perception, your own discernments, disappointments and victories. It’s a blend of all the experiences, the causalities, the ideas, what drives us, what binds us, what makes us or breaks us. Life is what we create, what we choose to be, our expectations, possessions, desires and faith; it fills our heart with hopes and dreams. And I am definitely not trying to say that we need to do drugs or hook up with a lot of people or jump down a building and do daredevil stunts to LIVE a LIFE! Certainly not! Unless you are OZZY OSBOURNE (No offense, I love his songs) or SUNNY LEONE (No offense again, she’s HOT!) or maybe a COMPLETE DICKHEAD (In case you want to be SHAKTIMAAN, EWWWW!)

‘ Life ’ is a very small word, but we often forget what that really means to us, how it builds us, changes us, sometimes inspires us and empowers us. Something we never thought we could be, it challenges us at every step and we start to feel that we are beginning again, that we are at the starting point.

My life has been a roller coaster ride TBH (Like most of you all)! I had my share of BEST times, GOOD times, BAD times, NOT SO BAD times and WORST too. (And yes, the worst time didn’t cause me Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia! I swear to God I never indulged myself into any serious shit! Hey, I mean I have never even been a Bieber or Cyrus fan, LOL. I have never enjoyed the Daily Soaps/Saas-Bahu-Sasural crap thingy [Seriously, who enjoys that? :|]. So, you know, I was doing fine. :P) Sometimes it was just really difficult to deal with the problems, sometimes I got all the answers I needed, and sometimes I lost myself. And then I was back. The best part is the only thing that made sense to me and that was there to accompany me, allay me and inspire me happened to be MUSIC and only MUSIC. It’s been my solace, my constant source of influence, my incentive, my powerhouse of energy, passion and grit.

I haven’t been a person of placid disposition. I used to be quite hot-tempered and rebellious. My naivety was quite prevalent. And so I was into Classic Rock (ABBA, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and stuff) that literally rocked my Teenage and it still helps me (I am talking about the CLASSIC ROCK, bitches! :P) Not just the Adrenaline rush, it has always encouraged me to FIGHT for what is fair, for what I BELIEVE in.

As the time passed I figured out what I really wanted to make out of my dreams and my life, while I was jumping into the post-teenage version of mine, yes the exciting one, the euphoric one! I realized the significance of joy, freedom and friendships.

I started basking in the Alternative rock (Thirty Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Tokio Hotel, Paramore and stuff) and Metal (Metallica, Nirvana, System of a Down, Bullet for my Valentine, Iron Maiden and stuff) which made me a much better person and it kind of gave me a more coherent, more explicit vision of the surroundings and people around me that I really needed, to perceive my independence and strengths. It helped me a lot in keeping me away from all the bullshit and fakeness of this effing world. Well, it was me, so I was a bit guarded as well by my parents and the self-conscious-serious woman in me always helped me in staying cool, strong and self-dependent. The most important things that I learnt in my life are patience, self-control and self-belief, and music playing the major part in it. A lot of times, people tried to manipulate and control me; they said that my consciousness is actually my cowardice! But, thanks to my headstrong and stubborn nature, that cowardice changed into my biggest strength

" So I run, hide and tear myself up..

  I’ll start again with a brand new name..

  And eyes, that see, into infinity.."

I am young, wild and free! But I am always guarded by my own thoughts, my gut, my limits and rules and that eventually has helped me in overcoming all of my problems from a very tender age! And then there is my music that mellows me, softens me and makes my life peaceful despite my deepest and darkest desires, the need for vengeance and the battle inside me.

The kind of music that I listen to can often lead people to drugs, sex, booze, cigarettes, violent behavior and sometimes even deafness (according to researches)! But in my case, surprisingly, it has always kept me away from all these dark things unlike those people who go for rehab. It’s like it has always been a magic trick, an escape and a remedy from all the chaos and wilderness around me. Instead, it turned me into a more compassionate and subtle person. It made me realize my true worth and the goodness around me. It magnified my confidence and self-belief.

No matter how much this world tried to torment me, afflict me and cause me distress, there was always Music, being my fervor and that was something that I always literally enjoyed and craved for! My YOLO moments, crazy moments, joyful moments, glorious moments and moments of tranquility have always been the after-effects of listening to a good song! It added so many colours to my Life.I really don’t think that my life could have been such a Paradise without the harmony, the melody and lyrics that were always there in the back of my mind. And there were the fake people and losers who lost me, who made me realize the worth of the Real Ones, i.e. My beautiful family and my close friends. I made some beautiful and precious friends in my life who not only made me feel special but also who were always there for me. Also, Thank you Music for always being there and guiding me wherever and whenever I felt weak or not myself. Thank you for being my strength and my instant therapy! ^.^


" Thousand times I’ve tempted fate,

  Thousand times I’ve played this game,

  Thousand times that I have said,

  Today Today Today…"

Never lose the people who truly love you and care for you. Never hurt them. Love your family and your loved ones. Love them with all your heart and give them the freedom as everyone loves freedom. Live your life for yourself and for your loved ones and for those who need you. Stay real, honest and gentle to yourself and the people around you. Be gentle to everything that has life. Always believe in yourself, no matter who you are or where you are from. Believe in the possibilities of life and spread the positivity, goodness and happiness around you. Leave everything that contaminates you, weakens you and makes you unhappy. 



  1. Well written dear great work (y)
    Way to go, your work is amazing.

  2. Kya yaar, Shaktiman ain't a dickhead! Fk-fk-fk-fk-fk-Shakitmaaaaan! Shaktimaaaaaan, Shaktimaaaaaan! :D (I'm known to be kinda drunk on Monday nights :P ) hahaha

    Classic, Alternative & Metal, for life! :)

    Oh, and I think I remember that guitar from somewhere :P n badi jaani pehchaani waal hai ;)

    Anyways, it's a good read! Keep 'em coming! :)

    1. Ewwwwwww, Shaktimaan? o.O Oh yeah, you are drunk then :P

      LOL! Nahi to kya Hedlund likhti? :') Garrett to cutie pie hai :D

      Yeah, for life :)

      Hahahahaha jee haan aapne bilkul sahi pehechana :P :D


  3. very very very nice post shreya! dil se wala..:D

  4. Hey ⓢⓗⓡⓔⓨⓐ ! ¸.✿¨¯`✿´¸¸.✿¨¯`✿

    First of all I wanna say this is one of the best topic I just read from you and those words are true :)

    Music adds meaning to your life, fill colors to unfinished imprints <3 Though it can't tell price of anything but value of everything !

    Whenever you are undone or caught or fade or want to escape to other world or time, it lets you do so.

    It gives you a PUSH, a SLOW RELEASE, an IMPULSE and a MOTIVE to move on :)

    Sometimes it brings madness, sometimes it brings pain, sometime it brings charm, sometimes it brings peace and sometimes... answers to hundreds of questions and doubts that continuously revolve around our mind ! ♡

    Neither it is ancient wise nor it is modern tongue, it is something that was always there and finally made us ride high. ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

    Quite lucky to be around people who really know WHAT music is ! ♥ :)

    that was so very great to read this stuff ! ^.^

    *Loads of ⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔ and wishes* :) (^^,)

    ╔══╗ ♫
    ║██║ ♪♪
    ║ ◎♫♪♫
    ╚══╝ Keep Listening ! ♫ ♬ ♪

    1. Hey, that is so true Pooja. :) Thanks a lot for such a beautiful comment and I am really glad that you liked my post. :) Appreciate it. Much Love. Stay Blessed. And you too keep listening to music :)

  5. YoYo music provides more depth to the situation :')...its just a reflection of a part of us...kind of remedy to the patients of depression...n hence i can say music is the best creation of man....really cool & nice topic n appreciated ur deep thinking n intrst in music as it brings more clarity about its importance..:)

  6. Music.... music.... music.....!!!
    Every single word is True. Seriously.... love this <3 <3 <3


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